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Buy premium and download files without any limits , downloads start instantly without waiting time , solve captcha , ads , speed limits . Unlimited Bandwidth , Lifetime Storage Space and more.

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Easy to use

User control panel provide many functions - file manager functions (upload , share , organize , rename ) stored files Account setting pages to change data like login password etc.

Unlimited Resources

As one of the few cloud hosting services with ryushare premium You can download unlimited number of files and use unlimited storage space.

Secure Payments

All transactions are realized through SSL secured website ,SSL protocol help users protect data during payment by creating a uniquely encrypted channel for private communications over the public Internet. All payment data are safe.

Great Features

Don't need to wait. Premium Users Downloads start directly without captcha.
Download / upload as many files as you want
Split file download possible
Download or store files to 10GB
Store files without expire time
and more ...

Highest download speed: up to 100 Mbps

As a free member of Ryushare.com you will get not more than 60Kbps. In case you have opted premium service, then there is no limitation in terms of speed and connection. Most of the people from Japan and USA use premium services from Ryushare because they receive better and faster sped as a premium user of Ryushare.com.

Download Managers

The free users of Ryushare.com are not allowed to stop and resume downloading processes as per their will. Only premium users have this privilege. If there is a link failure during downloading of a file, then premium service users have access to the download managers and can resume the download from that instant. A free or guest user can only download up to 2 GB but a premium service user of Ryushare.com will ha opportunity to download 88 GB per day. This amount of download limit per day is more than enough for any person who want to download movies, videos, games etc.

Unlimited Downloads At The Same Time

A premium account holder of Ryushare.com can download as many files as the user wants at one point of time. A free user will not able to download more than one file at a time. There is unlimited space provided for the premium users, but guest users can avail only 200 MB to 2GB space. There are several download accelerators available for the premium customers on the Ryushare file hosting site. They are allowed to use internet download manager, Mipony, Speedget, GetRight etc. or any other download manager available publicly.

Unlimited Storage Duration

In case you are a free user then any inactive file that is older than 90 days will be removed. It means if you do not download a file for more than 90 days, then it will be considered as inactive. You cannot keep your file forever as a free account holder. In case you are a premium user then you will be able to store any file for unlimited period. You can keep them as long as you want. They will not be deleted unless the file does not violate any terms of condition of Ryushare.com.

No Waiting Time For Download

Any free user requires waiting for at least 30 seconds to before a file download gets started. A premium user can download any file without any waiting time.
Downloading of files as a free user will sometime take more time because sometime Ryushare.com server experiences more traffic than usual due to uncontrollable circumstances. If you download the same file a day later or any other time you may be able to download the file quicker. The download speed is better than most of the sites available in Europe and Americas. Ryushare.com provides typically 60 Mbps download speed for each file instead of 50 Mbps. The reliability of the site is also unquestionable. You cannot even complain as a premium user because you will avail up to 88 GB download limit everyday and that will allow you to download up to around 100 videos a day. The Ryushare.com support team is always there to help you if you find any kind of difficulty.

Payments methods

Credit Cards

Pay safe

In Ryushare the payment transactions are very safe because they use a secure SSL connection for such transactions. SSL connection use encryption method to avoid any leakage of data during transactions.

Premium Plans

30 day plan for 9.96 Euro, 75 days plan only for 19.96 Euro, 180 day plan for only 34.96 Euro and 365 day plan for only 52.96 Euro. Ryushare.com is one of the most efficient file host sites and you may buy 30 days plan initially to experience the service. Most of the people use 75 day plan because it will save up to 30% of the total cost.

Refund policy

All the offers come with a money back guarantee.

More about ryushare.com premium account

Ryushare.com premium users has advantages compared to free use

  • Unlimited data send / download - use service without concerns that exceed the traffic or hdd limit Ryushare.com premium can resume broken download , run simultaneous downloads or use download managers to have multisession / file downloads
  • Lifetime storage time - cloud storage service ideal for backups (can upload up to 10GB / file) , stored files avaiable from any place over the world . After easy and quick upload you receive secret link to access the file , you can share this link or keep to yourself.
  • SecurityLock option - from user panel can enable a greater level of security account for an even better data security
  • Believe in flexibility and a customer friendly environment. Hence we have setup multiple payment gateways and more are being added. Currently, we use major credit cards as the primary payment gateways.You can also pay using any e-currency supported. Other payment options depends of user country .
  • You can expect to receive personal support for any related with service questions - that is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Also like to give discounts to customers who pay for 75 days premium - is cheaper than the standard paid monthly account (~20%) with the same functions.

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